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hey what's going on, my name is Robbie I'm a Canadian Living in Las Vegas for now. (Enemy territory I know) I am the product of a afro indigenous woman from South America who was way too far religious for her own good. Also the son of a Jewish man from Ireland who despise the bullies but it was kind of a bully himself. Despite their flaws they were good parents. I'm divorced still have the utmost respect for my ex even if she doesn't talk to me. Out here in Vegas I'm suffering through separation from what I can only say is the equivalent of my second wife. You will hear me refer to the both of them always glowingly. there always going to be two of my favorite people. Also sexually wise im pansexual. "B**k*'s "favorite Maple Leaf queer". Anyhow I'm a bit of a joker. I'm a sports fan and a comic book fan. Usually you'll hear me ranting about how much Batman sucks or complaining about one of my favorite teams losing. But yeah anyhow I guess this is good enough. Oh yeah i vape. I also complain about the price of Vape juice. Anyhow thanks for welcoming me hit me up. I never know what to say or do with these things anyhow see you around people

@dumpsterqueer European commission reviewers are honestly often not very in the loop, they latch onto buzzwords like blockchain, NFTs, etc, because they're shiny and new and 'innovative'. I was project manager for an H2020 project that, I'm 80% certain, only got funded because it included lofty paragraphs about augmented and virtual reality. This was back in 2017, when VR/AR was all the rage and the summer of Pokémon Go had just occurred. Luckily hidden under those buzzwords there was still a pretty good project, but I'm sure that can't be said for all EC-funded projects. /Rant

This nigga said Iran is not anti-Semitic because there's Jewish people that live there....sigh you know that was my fault for even engaging in that conversation with that person.

definitely not a hoax, uspol 

🚨 BREAKING: Biden signs executive order making it illegal to post hoax headlines on Mastodon, in an attempt to combat the rampant "shitposting" epidemic in the US.

Why the death penalty should be abolished 

Now if he was just sitting in prison the story wouldn't be as tragic as his parents and his other family members burying him over something he didn't do because a hillbilly white-trash state killed him. I'm so sick of the backwards logic South.

U.s. politics California Is A Wasteland 

Why is this mother fucker a mayor?

Brooke's socks and a super close-up of my tomboy underwear 

Yeah I really don't want to go to work. Hate the fact that I have to go to work I have to be there at 3 and its 1:40 right now. By the way that's the side of my

I'm going to keep it real I'm one of the few people on here who actually likes cars. I'm not really into public transportation to keep it real with you. I do take it sometimes yes but I really do like driving. I really do like the car culture but what I don't like is that basically everything is so car-centric. I also don't want to be on a train or bus with a group of white people. LOL that's another thing when it comes public transportation. Yeah I really don't want to be in an area of a train with a group of white people like that. I don't even really want to be on the bus with a group of white people like that.

Which one is worse? LOL

Cops harassing black kids for dancing 

Yeah cops really don't like black kids doing anything

I don't even know how to label this what the fuck? 

Why on Earth would you even do something like this?

Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

signal tries to run facebook ads which show you how facebook is targetting you, facebook bans them for showing how their grotesque sausage is made.

remember: if you're using facebook, you're hurting yourself and everyone you're connected to. you are the product, and advertisers are the consumers.


These motherfuckers think that this is a fucking game. This is why Canada in the United States and the United Kingdom love Columbia. Because they're cartoonishly fascists just like they are

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