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hey what's going on, my name is Robbie I'm a Canadian Living in Las Vegas for now. (Enemy territory I know) I am the product of a afro indigenous woman from South America who was way too far religious for her own good. Also the son of a Jewish man from Ireland who despise the bullies but it was kind of a bully himself. Despite their flaws they were good parents. I'm divorced still have the utmost respect for my ex even if she doesn't talk to me. Out here in Vegas I'm suffering through separation from what I can only say is the equivalent of my second wife. You will hear me refer to the both of them always glowingly. there always going to be two of my favorite people. Also sexually wise im pansexual. "B**k*'s "favorite Maple Leaf queer". Anyhow I'm a bit of a joker. I'm a sports fan and a comic book fan. Usually you'll hear me ranting about how much Batman sucks or complaining about one of my favorite teams losing. But yeah anyhow I guess this is good enough. Oh yeah i vape. I also complain about the price of Vape juice. Anyhow thanks for welcoming me hit me up. I never know what to say or do with these things anyhow see you around people

Off work selfies 

Fuck yeah now I get to travel to the white Intercity. I have to buy my ungrateful former partner and her polycule groceries.😐😐😐 God I hate my life lol

Smells like burning rubber around here. Hope that's not a sign for things to come

Propaganda for Hardware I guess I I don't know 

Yeah I don't know what none of this means I really don't

Hey look. There's an oath keeper amongst us 

Lol phuc yea got to love my work environment

Intermission selfies 

Shirt says become ungovernable. I do not know why my head looks like a cone head in this happening. Yeah well

Lol, this motherfucker us politics 

What the fuck does any of this even mean?

There's has been an outcry around Gender Studies in the US in 2015 (i think) called "Grievance Studies Affair"/Sokal Squared where three scolars submited several hoax papers to several social science magazines. I've been reading about it since two semi-popular German youtubers made a video about the hoax saying Gender Studies Are Dumb TM but the whole situation is so incredebly complicated to understand for me. There has been one paper published in German about the hoax and social consequenes.

Yeah I really got to rethink my Approach when it comes to particular things. I'm not supposed to be getting trampled like this. LOL this is bad.

Instagram nonsense 

Yeah imma go ahead and leave this on seen. I already know how this is going to end. So yeah I'm just going to leave this on seen and pretend like it never happened. Better luck next time lolπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Is absolutely nothing I love more in life. Then not having the heart to tell somebody you don't care about their Discord drama because you actually respect this person and you don't want to hurt their feelings even though you don't give a fuk about what's going on on Discord.smh

And yes I'm aware that Superboy Prime punch the world so hard that he basically stop Jason Todd from dying at the hands of Joker and he did all sorts of things that basically were ridiculous but still he was pretty cool I like to Superboy Prime. Still better than the Batman who laughs lol

Another person I don't find a villain that a lot of people do with Black Adam in DC Comics. Because Black Adam only wants to protect his people. It's just the extremes that he goes to to protect his people. Superboy Prime is also a super sympathetic villain. The reason why he sympathetic is because of all the Calamity that he caused wasn't because of world domination and wasn't just to destroy things. He was trying to get back home get back to his mother and his father and the love of his life. He just executed it so badly and killed so many people that's what made him a villain. I actually like Superboy Prime. He's better than the Joker who laughs or the Batman who laughs. The Joker superhero Arc was pretty cool

Ranting about comic books 

It's weird how people who don't read comic books do the most complaining about comic books. Like people do not understand the dynamic of the hero and the villain. A villain is supposed to be as awful as the hero is good. Yes there are some exceptions with sympathetic villains like Magneto( a holocaust Survivor) and Doctor Doom (a son who wants to save his mother's soul from Mephisto the devil) Wilson fisk ( a mob boss who Wants Revenge for the death of his wife) in Marvel and in DC Captain Cold and gold glider ( children of an abusive father who grew up in a kill-or-be-killed environment) Mister Freeze ( someone looking for the Cure for his wife Nora.) They can't all be heroic villains some of them have to be like the Joker and Red Skull. You have to have villains that you're supposed to hate and one could even say that maybe the Joker isn't a villain that you should hate. Because he sort of a sympathetic villain also due to his backstory I can't remember if Killing Joke is Canon or not. Anyhow villains in stories are supposed to be hated in their supposed to be evil and cruel for the most part. I just don't understand where people are coming from where they want to water these people down.

Flashback thinking about the u.s. election. The very first u.s. election I was a part of or in the United States for. 

I'm trying to look for this video that I used to have when this weird Trump Convoy drove past my job. Those were fun times during that election period. Lol my super super super super tough sister was so afraid that Trump was going to win. I told her there was nothing to worry about I still don't understand why people thought Trump was going to win that election but whatever you know. I heckled this weird LGBT Mexican Trump supporter until he quit when Trump lost. Lol

Whenever I have a close encounter with a raccoon, shortly thereafter, something hidden or someone hiding something about themselves is revealed.

This is about as close encounter as it gets. #witch #pagan

media hidden for trash panda ec

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