Me: ok I just need to open the app where my photos are.

My phone:

Could we maybe go back to when icons looked a little like what they are maybe..please I'm doing a lot of things and I'm trying my best but I'm very tired

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Most of the time I navigate not by icon but by where on the face of the phone I have put the icons. So I put my most important apps in the corners and work inward.

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Don't worry all those apps will be retired in a couple of months or so and be replaced by different apps that mostly do the same thing but require you to reset up the same workflow and learn a new UI. The upside for you is that they will have new icons that maybe will be more readable!

@Alonealastalovedalongthe that's the other half of the problem. This stuff changes too often for my brain to forge meaningful connections with the icons


Yah honestly thats why I am trying to push as much as my workflow as I can onto FOSS stuff so that my fragile but barely functioning workflow isn't constantly changing out from under me and being broken because some fancy boardroom somewhere needed another powerpoint slide

@InternetEh I feel like it's trying to say something...

Modno? No, that's not it.

google stuff 

@InternetEh what the fuck is this


The Gmail icon used to be the height of design, but now it's just an m, and they expect you to know why it's shaped the way it is cuz you've been using Gmail for 10 years

@baronnarcveldt this is exactly the kind of thing they're about to do with my magazine: employ a vague logo that says nothing, but ties the product to the overall brand. I have no say over it and it sucks

@baronnarcveldt it's one of those logos that could be for toothpaste or health insurance.

@InternetEh fuuuuck the number inside the calendar icon sticks out like a sore thumb

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