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Periodical reminder that the concept of a "personal carbon footprint" was literally a marketing campaign by British Petroleum

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A reminder that there's a test question survey open at the moment, and your answers and feedback help me to design a better title question and a good first "family terms" set of questions for 2023:

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I keep the self-promotion to a minimum these days, but if you've had your eye on any
@lnpgaceta goods, we've got our first shopwide sale in a while!

As a bonus, proceeds over the next two days will go straight to Casa Pueblo, an organization that's proven invaluable in creating a more resilient disaster response in Puerto Rico.

Details (including the code, which expires tomorrow at 8 PM EDT):

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I don't know who needs to hear this today but:
Being disabled is a full time job.

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Hullo, everyone! Welcome to today’s game of #WheresMiniArchie and #WheresBillyFishermouse. Everyone who finds I or Billy today gets a huggle. (Chilly, frozzed or cosy warm huggles is available on request.) Happy Finding!

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Bunch of videos of my walk incoming in this thread :)

This is an orange breasted sunbird.

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Sorted through my harvested #garlic today, choosing the best ones for growing on next season.

The bulbs were smaller this year, the long dry Spring & Summer really impacted their growth. I tried to regularly water them, but my #MECFS symptoms were bad during that period & I didn't keep up with the task as much as I should. Still, I've got c. 80 bulbs, enough for me to share with a few friends & keep me in garlic for another year!

#GardeningWithME @plants #Gardening

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the queue is dead. long live the queue.

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deportation, maya, pls boost 

Maya was visiting the US from the UK, but was deemed to be seeking asylum and I assume is now awaiting deportation. We lost contact when she was being transported from the airport to a facility where she was awaiting her trial(? not sure the proper word). We have not had contact for 2 weeks now.

I am looking for an org that could either help expedite the process so she's out of there faster, or ideally get her into the US to stay with a partner for a month as was planned
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To the person who left this feedback:

"GoogleForms? As a Fediverse user, you should know better. Good luck with your survey!"


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People are hurt, maimed, or even killed for speaking truth to power so it’s only fair that bigots get hurt, maimed, or even killed for hate speech.

If that bothers you, remember that you have the right to remain silent. I suggest you use it.

All this performative mourning is making me sick. As is the performative respect bullshit.

Yep, it's the Lightbox time of year again...

Goodbye long days

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White Supremacy and Defensiveness and Denial:

White Supremacy and The Right to Comfort, Power Hoarding, and Fear of Conflict:

You wanna know how to stop helping to perpetuate white supremacy culture here on the fedi? Interrogate your whiteness or if non Black poc interrogate your proximity to whiteness and your investment in upholding it. Educate yourself. Take off the fucking clown nose already.

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thinkin about that one post that says some people interpret "respect" to mean to treat one with humanity and others mean it to say to treat like an authority

You say if you don't treat me with respect, I won't treat you with respect but with the white supremacist filter turned off what you really mean is "if you don't treat me like an authority, I won't treat you with humanity"

Yeah, we know

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idk why I get annoyed at white ppl who ask "what should be do next time so this doesn't happen"


this is the SECOND time a Black-ran instance had to leave because of anti-black bullshit. c'mon.I think we are beyond the point of trying to learn a lesson if y'all refused to learn it the first time.

Its so fucking easy to:

listen to the remaining Black people that are still here dealing with your bullshit.

Stop fucking defending your anti-black friends, you either need to call those fuckers out or get them the fuck out. at this point reasoning with people hasn't fucking work.

if you're actually open to fucking reasoning, LISTEN TO BLACK PEOPLE, holy shit.

make sure your fucking spaces are actually safe for us to just fucking exist in.

we've lost TWO instances for the same fucking reason. because some of y'all's rabid and weird fucking need to just be the most disgusting people on earth becuase everytime anyone DARES to talk about racism or anti-blackness, y'all get fucking weird and hateful about it. I don't understand.

We're here for the same fucking reason y'all are, to make friends, learn, grow, and be part of a community. But at this point, it's obvious that y'all don't want us around unless we're Quiet and Obedient Black's and don't talk about shit that makes You uncomfortable.

And I know that I fucking refuse to be that.

stop being fucking weird ass white people and actually fucking open your fucking eyes for once. good god.

*whispers: has @puf been in the mayonnaise again?*

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Does anyone have good resources on writing image descriptions they can link me to, especially ones focused around sharing photos casually on social media or which go into subjectivity/extraneous information and whether/when it's appropriate?

So excited for my friend Ingrid, whose podcast has been shortlisted for the International Women's Podcast Awards!

"Unfolding the Victorian historical drama within the love letters of Fred and Jane, a young working-class couple from Sheffield, England. Each week you travel 140 years back in time to discover the latest happenings." mylovelettertimemachine.buzzsp

Ingrid contextualises their lives within the world of Victorian England, and the letters cover topics from the growing steel industry, intimacy, gendered relationships, impacts of divorce on working class women, and even the 1st ever electrically lit evening football game.

Ingrid has a calm voice, and she draws you into the world of Fred and Janie; you become quite invested in what happens in their lives. It's also the 1st time in my life that someone has made me interested in Victorian England! I so love this podcast and totes recommend.

Note: she does CW topics like alcoholism and sexual intimacy at the start of those episodes.

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