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Wow, the selection of books about autism at my public library is awful 😬 I'm autistic, I work here, and some of the titles in our catalogue are so offensive that I want to cry 😭

We desperately need more books about autism by autistic authors, and more books about neurodiversity in general, so I want to make some purchase requests. To be considered, books must be new (2022 or 2023).

So far, I've requested:
- What I Want to Talk About by Pete Wharmby
- Stumbling Through Space and Time: Living Life with Dyspraxia by Rosemary Richings
- Different, Not Less by Chloé Hayden
- Unmasking Autism by Devon Price

If you have more suggestions, please drop them here! Replies and boosts appreciated 🙏

#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #Autism #Neurodiversity #Books #Libraries #Librarians #Neurodiversity

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to the posters in #BelieveInFilm
Please caption your images!!!! Cmon, let everyone have the opportunity to enjoy what you make

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One before I get on the road. Taken this past January with my Rittreck 5x7 and Portra 160. #believeinfilm

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Wait times for trans healthcare on the NHS is measured in years, not months. This isn’t acceptable, it breaks the law – and it’s costing lives.


Watch our video with, & on our case in Court this week:

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uk politics; petition; trans 

@diffrentcolours I'm not sure how useful these ones to parliament are either. But it's one of the few practical things I can do, so have signed.

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uk politics; petition; trans 

I'm not convinced that these petitions are useful, but it only takes a minute to sign this one in support of retaining #trans rights in the Equality Act: :boosts_ok_gay:

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It's the 45th anniversary of the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.

It's a good day to educate yourself about Palestine and Palestinians. I recommend reading This is Not a Border: Reportage & Reflection from the Palestine Festival of Literature, as a way to get immersed.

#Palestine #Palestinian

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Combine prismatic window foil, a sunny spot on the sofa, lucky timing, and this fluffy bugger. Voilà - Rainbow Cat.

#CatsOfMastodon #Rainbow #Cats

@ljwrites oh yeh, good point. they were hiding that from us!

@ljwrites it bloody isn't a thing now. Though maybe I'm just a white traitor...

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the pandemic isn't so much over as it's entirely not over and in fact a massive, active threat that continues to be intentionally misrepresented by the folks with all the money

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asking for help pls boost 

This last month has been insane. I came out irl to extremely mixed results, had to leave my home for days after confronting an abusive partner (were working through that now), I'm months behind on bills and my lease ends this month and I'll have to find a new place by January. Now my cat is extremely ill and the vet seems to think it's going to be a series of expensive procedures. If you or anyone you know can help I would be extremely grateful. If you can't donate a boost is just as good. Thank you

$redofmasto :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

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"I want for those that demand, harass and expect accountability for those that have wronged them to bring that same energy when they do something to me and mines. And I won’t get that unless I go on the TL and publicly name names and post the screenshots. It is a double edged sword with a perfect point and sides that have a sharpness to them;


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Chûn Quoit caught in the golden hour, it is located in open moorland near Pendeen and Morvah in Cornwall, nice walk up to it in a historic landscape. #PreHistory #TombTuesday #Neolithic #BronzeAge #Cornwall #Photography #dolmens

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It's Giving Tuesday! Lots of great causes need money but please consider donating to this small organization dedicated to help sex workers work more safely in Massachusetts! Link here:

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Hi, I'm a storyteller, and here is today's PSA:

Happy endings are not a weakness.
Happy endings are not a silly thing for people who can't handle reality.
Happy endings don't make a story any less serious or artistic.

Stories with happy endings have an important part to play in our emotional wellbeing.

#StorytellingPSA #storytelling

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(Continued…) Most importantly I am trying to save to get away from my #abusive environment.

I’ve been trying for years and can’t take it anymore. It has to work this time. My health can’t get any better here and I keep declining.

If you’re able to give, any amount big or small will be helpful. Or if you can help in a practical way like recommending a #carer/ #caregiver (who I could pay a government Carer’s Pension if it works out) or offering #housing (Got a spare #room? Know anyone who has a space for #rent?)

#BuyMeACoffee has platform & Visa fees (for me, all #crowdfunding does) but #Australians/those with an $AUD account can use #Beem app fee free (both sides).


Australian: (Beem or Buy Me A Coffee).

I’m @halcionandon on Beem.

Thank you

#MutualAid #DisabilityCrowdfund #chronicillness #NEISvoid #pwme #mecfs #DisabledSocial

See first post in thread for more details.
PLEASE boost.

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