Making the most of the beautiful autumn day, we went down to the Espy in Penarth for lunch yesterday. This was my favourite pic of the pier and sky.

The art deco building close to the shore is the local cinema.

My partner got me the Dysgu Cymraeg (learn Welsh) book they are using for their class which starts tonight. Since I cannot go to the class coz , we thought we could use it to work through stuff together, which I hope will reinforce what I learn on Duolingo, and what they learn in class.

Our @FreyaKitteh is getting eager for outsidey time, but she is going to have to wait another week. We want the house to be more settled (ie most packing done and the house feeling like her home) before she gets let out. For now she is just window cat.

Gave Freya some belly rubs on the bed. Went away for 15 minutes, came back, & she hadn't moved.

Cats are so dignified.

Die Hard 

Coz Alan Rickman, and coz Xmas gets blown to pieces 😆

Another one from the Marie Trolle 'Twilight Garden' book. I love her books so much, both for the designs and for the excellent paper that is really nice to colour upon.

I followed an online tutorial. In some ways this is easier as someone else has made all the colour and placement decisions. But it did challenge me because I learn more about different colours to layer and blend and went a lot slower to build up the colour and texture. Overall, this was very enjoyable to colour.

This was coloured to me singing along with every ABBA album, from Ring Ring to Voyage 😊 🎶

I commissioned @welshpixie to create the designs for these cards, then I did the colouring and put them on plain card. It's for my partner's sister, Tamsin, and her partner Troels, who are celebrating their 60th and 70th birthdays respectively.

I think they've turned out pretty well.

If you ever need cheering up, I can recommend the Orkney Library account on birdsite for whimsical goodness.

This did give me a giggle: Reader, I googlied him...

Delighted with this pendant necklace I got from @did_40 on birdsite. It's adorable and looks good on. They have lovely things in their Etsy shop, do check it out

(I'm doing a shout-out as they are a fellow spoonie)

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