@maloki I'm not sure, but it seems a bit smaller than I was expecting, but then I only have the 4 toots by @puf to go by. It was the only size they had though.

@charlag @maloki @puf 🤣

Like, I don't know how big the original was, but I got what they had.

And I had a sudden case of FOMO, so got one for myself too :BigBlobhajHug:

@GwenfarsGarden @maloki @puf
if it's roughly the length off the lower arm, it's a smol one
yessss moar!
smolhaj are a rarity afaik, that's why I just asked cuties from Berlin to give me one 🥺

@charlag @maloki @puf OK, it is a small one. I hope that's OK Maloki?

It was very lucky that I saw them at all. I saw them in someone else's trolly & blurted out, where did you get the Shark? They told me & my partner offered to go back upstairs to get them. Then one of the people came up to me & kindly offered to go up, they hadn't realised my partner was with me; I was in my mobility scooter & it was very busy, so harder for me to go up. I thought that was very sweet of them to offer & thanked them kindly. !

@GwenfarsGarden Still annoyed that they (assuming you're in your local) won't ship :blahaj: in deliveries despite having them in stock.

@sparrowsion yeh, was in the Cardiff branch.

Not sure why they don't want to ship them...

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