The deeply satisfying feeling of introducing a friend to the delights of the films Singing in the Rain and Allegro non Troppo 😌
🩰 🎶


There is something very special about the way the cartoon marries with the music of Sibelius's Valse Triste, that catches my heart every time I see/hear it.

I've always called the sad pussy cat music, so am including the video here, so it catches your heart too

@GwenfarsGarden Oh my... this is incredibly sad. I'd never seen it before, so thanks for sharing.

@GwenfarsGarden Allegro Non Troppo is one of my favourite films ever, a Marxist subversion of Fantasia...

@yetiinabox It's nice to meet someone else who loves it too. It's quite subversive and I love it. I feel like it should be more known.

@GwenfarsGarden Indeed! I will save the long screed about consciousness of art as work for other moment 🖌🧨😷

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