I forgot it's . Too tired to write a new blog. Here's one from a couple of years ago, about Slow-onset ME Because not everyone who gets ME, gets it from a virus.

@mecfs @chronicillness

@GwenfarsGarden I remember this from the last time you posted it. It helped me understand. I shared it with other people who have slow-onset ME who felt ... unseen, I guess? And this was helpful to them.

Thanks for writing it.

@vicorva It really makes my day to know this post has been helpful to others, so that they feel seen too.

@GwenfarsGarden btw, I really feel like I know the person in your 2011 photo.
Were you on G+ at all? I think we might have had a conversation about that at some point in the early days on here, but I can't remember that far back :D

@maloki I wasn't on G+. But I did have a photo that came from a similar time & fairly similar look, that I used on my profile when I was 1st on here, so maybe from that?

@Fishercat it makes me so happy to know this! Thank you for reading :)

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