Can anyone recommend a Heart Rate Monitor that has a customizable upper alarm for heart rate? I am looking for something I can set to tell me every time I go above 100 bpm. I.e. via vibration or sound.

Ideally a wrist HRM, but I'll consider other options.


I currently have a Garmin Viviosmart 4 which is supposed to do this, but I can only find an alarm for an abnormal heart rate, not a general heart rate.

Thanks to everyone who has boosted and replied to my toot. I appreciate your time.

Between replies on here & elsewhere, I've sadly come to the conclusion that HRM exists that would meet this need (above toot).

So the 2nd option would be a HRM that I can have the heart rate screen on all the time so I can just glance and see if I've gone over 100bpm. Surely that exists; I shall find out, when I've got some energy again.

The Garmin should do it if it is recording an activity. You should be able to set a heartrate zone and have it alert if you leave it.
It may drain the battery faster as it will be recording, but if you can use an activity type that doesn't use GPS it should not be too bad.
Not used a Garmin for a while, but you used to be able to create an activity set to say Zone 1 heart rate and send it to the watch. Set HR Zone to mean zone 1 is below 100BPM. Start the activity.

Make sure the watch defaults back to displaying something sensible like time during recording.

In fact we thought we might have one of those laying around, but despite finding three Garmin watches in the drawer, none of them that model 😝
Would have tried it out if we had 🤷‍♀️

@CreatureOfTheHill I checked that out, but it doesn't have the function to put in a heart rate alarm. Thanks so much for trying, I do appreciate it :)

No problem.
Can also confirm that a basic Fitbit Charge 4 doesn't do anything useful. Well not for 24/7 monitoring.
Hate to say it but Apple Watch may well do. Much more expensive though.

@CreatureOfTheHill That's useful to know about the Fitbit (I have been looking at them).

Someone elsewhere suggested that Apple watch may do what I want, but sadly I'm an Android person (phone, tablet, pc), so it won't work :(

I think there is a whole market of people not being served here - but I guess they aren't interested in the chronically ill, just the fit people..!

Given how easy it would be to implement on most devices that are 24/7 recording HR anyway, it's just a software thing.

Have you looked at Polar?
They were the original HR people, and their watches still have a very strong feature set in that way. Obviously still fitness biased, but they *might* do something.

@CreatureOfTheHill Humm, that's the problem, it's not about me doing an activity, like say walking. It's about daily stuff. I.e. I get up, make breakfast, do one household task then another, and if during this my Heart rate goes over say 100 bpm, it tells me.

Because all these things are focused on healthy active people, they don't seem to be geared towards people like me. I appreciate you looking at your old ones, so thanks for that :)

Yeah, just thought you might be able to trick it into a constant activity. One say called "life".
But yes, they all have a very opposite focus.

@GwenfarsGarden I have the polar m200, and it works fine, it's accurate afaict, but it's also the least user friendly device I've ever used. It can be set to notify you when your hr goes above a certain number, and I used it for that briefly until I realised that was too stressful for me, but, uh, have fun figuring out exactly how to get it to do that. I've had to stop using it now because I got more light sensitive and now I can't tolerate the light on the back.

@cakefordogs I'll look that up, thanks.

I know that it will go off a lot to start with, which I suspect I'll find stressful, particularly since at the moment, just brushing my teeth puts me over 100bpm. But I've been reading about people who have been doing this and over time, their ME has improved and they can do more. I'm feeling desperate as I'm getting more and more housebound and scared I'm heading to bedbound.

@GwenfarsGarden I hesitate to suggest it, but I’m pretty sure the Apple Watch will do this, and of course it’s wrist mounted. Expensive though, and it has to be paired with an iPhone

@ghost_bird I did look into it as it's been suggested to me elsewhere, but it doesn't do exactly what I want. It only does an alert for irregular/abnormal heart rates after 10 mins of resting.

I'm after an alert whenever my heart rate goes over 100bpm, so that I stop and rest and get my heart rate down again, before going back to whatever I was doing, stopping as soon as I go over again, etc.

For some reason, no company seems to have thought of this as a function that people would want :(

@GwenfarsGarden Ah. I missed the resting part. That’s annoying - sorry

@GwenfarsGarden I'm sure one with a smart-watch-esque thing will be able to ping you somehow.

@maloki people keep telling me this, yet so far, no-one has been able to give me any actual details and a name of a device that does this!

The most the devices offer (incl Apple watch) are abnormal heart rate after resting for more than 10 mins, but none offer continuous monitoring whilst you are up and just doing general life stuff, & an alert anytime your heart rate goes over a set bpm.

@GwenfarsGarden I can't wear most of them because of the silicon makes my arm itch. So I can't help with specifics. 😅

@GwenfarsGarden I'm boosting for extra eyes, and maybe you can get specific recommendations.

I've not looked closely at pulse watches for like 10 years.

@GwenfarsGarden not aware of anything that does this out of the box but if you're willing to deal with a bit of DIY jank I might be able to code you something that does this with your Garmin (no guarantees). let me know if you'd be interested and I'll look into it :)

We looked about a bit at some other solutions, but even given a fair but of experience with HRM tech, searching found nothing really useful.

The Fitbit Charge are currently wearing, can have a face with live HR. Cheapish and unobtrusive. Battery is good, and does basic alerts for phone OK. A possible compromise option. Not ideal we know.
Picture of what it is like attached.

@CreatureOfTheHill ooh, that's a possible. Can the screen stay on all the time too?

Sadly not.
Tap to wake.

However, Garmin watches have custom screens and could do the same with an always on display. Our old Vivoactive 3 would do it for example once you download a custom face from Garmin Connect.

We had a look on the Garmin store, once we remembered that you can add apps to some watches as well as faces.

This *appears* to do what you want.

Would need a compatible watch to use it, not what you have.

If you want to try it we have a compatible watch with a tired battery that you could test it with to see if it is any good. Don't have Garmin account any more to test without faff, but shout if you want a parcel to try before you buy anything.

@CreatureOfTheHill thanks for doing this, you really didn't have too.

If you have something you wouldn't mind lending me to test this app out with, that would be amazing!

No problem.
We will check it charges tomorrow, and as long as it does, we can send it to you.
It only lasts a day on the battery, hence discarded, but should be enough to try the app in principle.
Only kept it for someone to use to record short runs in the future, so it was destined to find another home anyway.

@CreatureOfTheHill That sounds fine for what I need to try. It will let me know whether the app will work and do what I hope for, before spending all the monies!

Am happy to pay postage, send garlic or seeds...

@CreatureOfTheHill we have just found a fitbit that has several apps that do exactly what I want that work on a device I like, and that also has my back up options!

So we are thinking of going for that as it's the same kind of price I would have spent on another Garmin. But we wouldn't have got to this point if it wasn't for you mentioning the app idea in the 1st place.

That's fantastic. 😀

So frustrating that it's not easier to find this stuff out.

Glad you have got to a proper solution 👍

@GwenfarsGarden if their optical guesstimation is good enough, the mi band 4 seems to have that option.
Minimum alert value is 100bpm.
(I haven't tried it yet)

@lara sadly this doesn't work as I need it. It only alerts if you have been inactive for 10 mins, whereas I need something that alerts me whilst active. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

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