Despite what Republican Margorie Taylor Greene says, there is no such thing as 'Anglo-Saxon political traditions'.

Dr MRO has an excellent article discussing the history of the term 'Anglo-Saxon': Misnaming the Medieval: Rejecting “Anglo-Saxon” Studies, by Mary Rambaran-Olm

"Rather than accurately portray the early English people as separate tribes (most notably, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes) that migrated to the British Isle, the Anglo-Saxon myth links white people with an imagined heritage based on indigeneity to Britain. This false account of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ as a nation and ‘race’ has played heavily in political discourse over the past 500 years, often reconstructed to include fictitious narratives to promote political messages of patriotism, imperialism, or racial superiority."

"We do not need to change previous scholarship or titles that include the term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ or ‘Anglo-Saxonist,’ but we can take corrective measures because language is always evolving. It matters when we use a racist dog-whistle term like ‘Anglo-Saxon,’ which is neither neutral nor correctly represents the early English people. As the old adage goes: ‘words matter.’"

@GwenfarsGarden I'm trying to figure out why I have a hard time giving up "Anglo-Saxon" as a term. I think it's because I haven't found anything similarly concise to summarize the period I'm interested in. "Early medieval England" and "Early medieval English" are both not quite precise, and annoyingly longer. "Pre-Norman England" is precise but feels really clumsy. And both are hard to use as search terms. (Of course, the problematic ethnic-heritage uses of "Anglo-Saxon" also diminish its usefulness as a search term.)

@clifstan it's hard to give up something that's just been the 'norm'. I took a bit of adjusting to Early Medieval period or Early England, but now I'm so used to it that I cringe when I hear 'Anglo-Saxon'.

I think it helps that I've read quite a number of articles on this issue in the last couple of years and learned a lot, so I've worked through any initial reactions to this and I'm totally team now.

@GwenfarsGarden what the heck kind of "political traditions" is she pretending to think early pre-medieval english civilisations had??? (i know, it's a dog whistle, she 100% means modern klan stuff).
but like, pretending she's remotely sincere for a moment: dividing america into small warring kingdoms with their own language-dialects? being invaded by vikings? druidic-christian syncretism?

@alex All this. And of course, missing the most important bit, than the Angles, Jutes and Saxons were immigrants too...

@GwenfarsGarden I've read the article, and what I missed is: what should the correct term be? Just "English", or maybe "British"? I could not find it, did I overlook it?
In a way, if it refers to the culture of the inhabitants of the British Isles, only British makes any sense.

As a foreigner, I have wondered before where the term "Anglo-Saxon" leaves the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish.

@wim_v12e If you are talking about the history of that era, use 'Early Medieval period' or 'Early English period'. I prefer Early Medieval as it's more inclusive of other groups who lived in the British Isles at that time.

And yes, Anglo-Saxon totally leaves out everyone else who lived there at the same time, the Jutes, Britons/Celts, Welsh, Scots, Picts, Irish-Scots, Danes and Norse.

Plus, Mercians did not see themselves as Saxon/West Saxon or Anglian etc. Same with the Northumberians. And no-one saw themselves as Anglo-Saxon!

@GwenfarsGarden Ah, I see where I got confused: I did not realise a term like "Early Medieval" was used to mean "Early Medieval in Britain". To me, such a term suggest only an era, not a location.

@wim_v12e I confess it's kinda shorthand for me - my bad.

It's totally fine to use Early Medieval England/Britain, if that's what you are talking about. I think just NOT using Anglo-Saxon is the main thing!

I think the people that use the word, couldn't care less about medieval history.
They just mean white protestant anglophones

@StroomAfwaarts indeed. They only care about it in that they use it to tell their own white supremacist stories.

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