People with or similar: I want to try a Heart Rate Monitor to measure heart rate variability in order to get better at activity planning and pacing. Can anyone recommend a heart rate monitor that will do this?

Note: needs to be for android based apps, not iOS.


@GwenfarsGarden I have been using an OURA ring since late 2018 to measure nocturnal resting HRV and other "readiness" factors and have found it helpful.

@artsyhonker thanks for this suggestion. I've looked at it and it does look like it would suit my needs. However, I'm not so sure about the price tag, c. £270. It's definitely worth keeping in mind.

@GwenfarsGarden Yeah, I think I got about £100 off when I got it because it was relatively new. And even then it was a bit of a risk.

@artsyhonker what looking at Oura rings did do, is mentioned wrist monitors that had similar functionality. So we managed to find one for £100 which I'm going to give a go. So your suggestion really helped get to that point.

But we also decided if that doesn't work, then it might be worth spending the money on the Oura ring. My ME is getting steadily worse and we need to find something that might slow/stop the further decline. We've read a number of articles on how heart rate monitors have helped people with ME pace better and actually bring about a bit of improvement. So if we have to spend more, then we will.

@GwenfarsGarden I'm really glad you found something within price range!

I think I know someone on birbsite who measures HRV but I can't remember if they have a locked account etc, I will have a look.

@GwenfarsGarden OK, the person I thought it was a) RTs way more than I can deal with and b) hasn't mentioned it in the week and a half I just spent ages scrolling through, so, um, no idea, sorry.

@artsyhonker that's ok. I've finally got a couple of article on people with ME who have used this, so I'm using those to help me work stuff out.

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