My 1st from the Maria Trolle 'Twilight Garden' colouring book.

Disclaimer: I followed a tutorial on YouTube using their colour choices. It meant that whilst I don't agree entirely with some colours, it did make me think of and use some colours that I don't usually use (am looking at you peach-beiges).

On the whole, I'm pretty pleased with it though. I've defo learned more about laying down a lot more colours in order to build up colour. And I love the Maria Trolle book.

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@GwenfarsGarden I love the shading on the beetroots(?? idk veg) and the colouring on the beans especially

this looks great!

@vicorva thank you. Yes, they are beetroots. I'm pleased with them. I'm not sure about the beans, though I do think the overall effect works.

I so enjoyed doing this!

I especially love the carrots and the beetroots!
Do the radishes really have such an sudden difference between the red and white part though?

I think these would go really well in a cook book, along with the recipes. Reminds me a bit of the (often anthropomorphised) illustrations with the recipes for Jamie Oliver's #JamieAtHome series.

@FiXato I'm still learning, so I followed the tutorial which coloured the radishes that way. I agree though, the white bit is usually a much smaller part at the bottom of a radish.

I also think the beans aren't quite right. The beans themselves look more like broad beans, but the bean plant is more like a french bean. But again, for learning purposes, I stuck to the tutorial. I feel more confident now to go more with my instinct next time.

It was lots of fun to colour this and I learned lots :)

I'm looking forward to seeing more of these though :D

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