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PSA: if you want people to accept follow request, add some information to your bio.

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Oh yeh, , I should have done that.

Am Gwenfar, addicted to and , but that's mainly over at my , , alt:

This alt is kind of my general musings on any thing from , living with the and in general, issues. Love and adoring/worshiping cats. My cat is @FreyaKitteh. I'm also really keen on pre-1660 British , particularly social history. Currently been learning more about Anglo-Saxon England. My degree was gender in Early Modern England.

My politics are etc. Still have masses to learn, particularly with unlearning , , etc. Very much a work in progress.

Boringly white cishet. She/They pronouns. !

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health, cognitive dysfunction/brain fog 

You know when you walk into a room and suddenly stop, as you’ve forgotten what you went into the room for? It’s pretty frustrating, right?

Now imagine that happens to you at least 30 times on a daily basis. 40 times, 50 times, etc, not just when you walk into a room, but for every tiny detail of daily life. This is the best analogy I can find to try and describe what cognitive dysfunction is like for someone with a chronic illness like . Trying to think is like swimming through treacle and then forgetting what you were swimming for.

I mean, it’s more complicated than that. You might be in the middle of re-reading a novel, that you only originally read 6 months ago, but mostly forgot. You leave it for an hour, come back, and can barely remember what you’d previously read and have to go back to reread the previous chapters.

Or you might want to look up the pathetic amount of interest you were paid from your small savings account for the previous tax year as you need that info to add into your tax return. And you just sit at your computer, staring blankly, trying to remember what steps you need to take to find out this information.


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Counting this as cos it’s close enough

Fed up of all my shit rattling around the bottom of my bag when I’m biking, so I made a quick little tool roll out of some old jeans

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Needed to harvest basil, but didn’t feel like processing it, so asked step-son the cook if he’d like it. 2 gallon ziplocks full, plus bags of thyme, sage, pineapple sage, and sorrel.

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block recommendation 

tzafrir @

zionist who appeared in our mentions unprompted & unwelcome.

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Looking for artists 

Hey yeah um,,, I wanna get some art of me and my partner @Gumby done, could y'all recommend and/or forward me to some fedi folks that would be up to doing that? :blobfoxshy:​💙


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"Marama is one of eight claimants in a landmark action submitted to the United Nations, which claims the Australian government has violated their fundamental human rights by failing to adequately address climate change."

You can support the "Our Island Our Home" campaign and the #TorresStrait8 here:

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Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words Opus 19 No. 1. This is the very first piece in the songs without words series for #piano.

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Brighton UK, tech takeaway, tomorow 19th of June 

If you are in and and want to come and get some equipment for free (or for a donation head) to the open market between 10 AM and 4PM.

The original tweet:

"Refurbished small electricals - offered for or by donation!

Join us @BrightonOpenMkt
on Saturday 19th June for Tech-Takeaway with @FreegleBrighton

All items collected, tested and refurbished by Tech-Takeback - appliances, audio equipment, gadgets, accessories + more!"

Medieval bunnies, death mentions 

This is rather amusing...

Medieval killer rabbits: when bunnies strike back

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help for refugee kids :boost_ok: 

a liberian refugee woman in a friend's hometown needs 5.000€ to let her 2 young kids join her & her other kid in Germany. The kids are still in Libera, need to travel to Ghana for Visa. They cost is for the flights from Liberia to Ghana, back to Liberia & then to Germany, for accomodation in Ghana & all Corona tests. The mom can't pay for it all since she has no income. All leftover money is going to be distributed to other refugees. DM me for the bank details!

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A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

Update: she's now staying at a refuge with her children and has never been happier to have the bed of a previous bed wetter! Any additional money coming in will be used to help her to rebuild her life and make things as unscary as possible for her children. Again, thank you so much for your help, she couldn't have got this far without you!

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Using a heart rate monitor (HRM) to better manage

New post talking about how using a HRM is changing my behaviour & will hopefully bring some improvement to my ME symptoms.

Yes, this was the reason for all my questions about Heart Rate Monitors a couple of months ago :)


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Do you find that your personal screaming is being interrupted with work-related screaming?

Wow, some good news today.

I've been trying to get our company's VAT cancelled (we closed the company a year ago) for months and it's been such a headache as I've never been able to reach a human being on the phone. So I tried messaging about 3 months ago and via various rounds, finally, the VAT has been cancelled today final nil returns submitted. The last thing to wind up the company, that's been hanging over me for months, has been done.

Such a relief. Yay!

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I wrote a short flash piece about Israeli settler colonialism and American Jewish complicity in it. I am looking for Palestinian sensitivity readers. Willing to compensate.

Health (neg) 

I wonder if its possible to have a day free of pain?

Asking for me.

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Trans & nonbinary people: How would you feel about a cis person using they/them or other gender neutral pronouns/neopronouns? :boost_ok:

@maloki thanks for your comment on TikTok. I've done a new one, the right way up!

Now I have to learn how to hold my phone steady...

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