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Update 1: Using a heart rate monitor to better manage MECFS (including HRV)

A post talking about how it's going using a Heart Rate Monitor, and introducing another key measurement of your health, Heart Rate Variability.

@MECFS @ChronicIllness

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PSA: if you want people to accept follow request, add some information to your bio.

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Oh yeh, , I should have done that.

Am Gwenfar, addicted to and , but that's mainly over at my , , alt:

This alt is kind of my general musings on any thing from , living with the and in general, issues. Love and adoring/worshiping cats. My cat is @FreyaKitteh. I'm also really keen on pre-1660 British , particularly social history. Currently been learning more about Anglo-Saxon England. My degree was gender in Early Modern England.

My politics are etc. Still have masses to learn, particularly with unlearning , , etc. Very much a work in progress.

Boringly white cishet. She/They pronouns. !

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A very honest and hard post:

I'm doing a lot better with debt than where I was at the start of the year, and my biggest debt that costs me £600 a month is almost done.

But it's that £600 a month that is killing me.

There's £1859.88 left to pay, and I can't get a loan with smaller repayments to cover it anywhere.

If you can help, or know of anywhere I could loan the money from, please let me know.

I just want to be able to afford to live.


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TIME article on the importance of resting if you get covid, to avoid getting long covid

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also, anyone have a good suggestion for plagarism software?

i wanna run my thesis thru one before i send it to the uni

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frankly freaking out a little bit about this story this story that claims to have found living samples of Silphium, the miracle plant of classical antiquity which was last recorded TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO

(natgeo, paywalled, sorry, turn off javascript to read unbothered)

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sad, me/cfs, any advice? 

Talked to pcp about a wheelchair. She said i need a diagnosis to get one. And that we have to do extensive tests to see what i have.
She doesnt even know what mecfs is. She wants me to take anti depressants even though i told her i am not that depressed.

This feels hopeless.
am i just going to have to do start meds so theyll believe me? I really, really dont want to.


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He asked for his blanket and he's using it as a pillow. Along with an actual pillow. :)

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"Kia ora, This message is in support of Paaka Edwards. #Apple is advertising the Face ID feature when it does not work for those in our communities who carry cultural skin markings on their face. Please update your Face ID to recognise cultural skin markings of #Māori and any other indigenous peoples that practice cultural skin markings"

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PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

Menopause/HRT/health + 

One good piece of news I got this week, I'm officially postmenopausal - woo hoo!

And I saw a really good GP who listened to me and we had a good discussion about the symptoms I'm experiencing and the options available. In the end, I've started on HRT, because it's meant to be good for reducing the problems of a lot of postmenopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, UTIs, night sweets, general headaches etc.

It will be interesting to see how I go and hopefully improve. Particularly as there is quite a bit of crossover between some symptoms and postmenopausal ones.

I'm really glad I had read The Menopause Manifesto (Dr Jen Gunter) because it meant I could have a really good discussion with the doc and understood what she was talking about and was able to make an informed decision.

Feel really happy to have had a positive health experience.

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My sister is wants to start a cafe in Groningen (in the North of the Netherlands) owned and run by Deaf people.

Mostly because something like this didn't exist yet, because she would have loved to work in a place like this when she was younger, and because we can do with more Deaf representation.

She is doing crowdfunding for it now here (Dutch language):

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PSA re Decode ME study, DNA part 

PSA for - if you are taking part in the study, be prepared that you might not get asked to submit a DNA sample.

You are still in the study, just not the DNA part.

I say this as someone who was screened out yesterday and not asked to take part in the DNA part of the study. I was quite crushed and I did go through a mini "maybe I'm not really ill" episode. But today I've managed to remind myself that I am indeed ill, and the head pixies can bugger off.


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toxic masculinity ressources, help, boost plz 


I'm looking for resources about toxic masculinity, hypermasculinity.
Especially resources destined for people who are trying to "get out" of those principles and change. I'm guessing such resources would be addressed to men but that's not mandatory

Reading material is fine but not very accessible to me, video essays or podcast would be better.

Would anyone have recommendation plz?


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“Do the British really love queuing? Only when it's convenient, I think. When it lets their real values shine through: people knowing their place, separating the wheat from the chaf and, in the case of my queue-jumpers, even taking advantage of people you perceive to be lesser”

Queen-Tory related things (amusing) 

Quite amused by the fact that Boris must be so pissed off that he didn't get to do the speech, and the Aussies didn't know who Liz Truss was and assumed she was a minor royal and not the PM.

So something good came out of today's mourning performativity.

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who called it a cyber-attack by vegans and not a 


Getting cross on Twitter because some people are saying that Alfred the Great was the first king of England.

(He was the king of Wessex. His grandson Aethelstan was the 1st king of England.)


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I get that it doesn't mean what it seems to obviously translate to in English but who allowed the humble robin to get the scientific name "Turdus Migratorius"

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Is there a thing like breakdown rescuing for cars, but for bicycles and wheelchairs instead? 🤔

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