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Oh yeh, , I should have done that.

Am Gwenfar, addicted to and , but that's mainly over at my , , alt: @GwenfarsGarden.

This alt is kind of my general musings on any thing from , living with the and in general, issues. Love and adoring/worshiping cats. My cat is @FreyaKitteh. I'm also really keen on pre-1660 British , particularly social history. Currently been learning more about Anglo-Saxon England. My degree was gender in Early Modern England.

My politics are etc. Still have masses to learn, particularly with unlearning , , etc. Very much a work in progress.

Boringly white cishet. She/They pronouns. !

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health, cognitive dysfunction/brain fog 

You know when you walk into a room and suddenly stop, as you’ve forgotten what you went into the room for? It’s pretty frustrating, right?

Now imagine that happens to you at least 30 times on a daily basis. 40 times, 50 times, etc, not just when you walk into a room, but for every tiny detail of daily life. This is the best analogy I can find to try and describe what cognitive dysfunction is like for someone with a chronic illness like . Trying to think is like swimming through treacle and then forgetting what you were swimming for.

I mean, it’s more complicated than that. You might be in the middle of re-reading a novel, that you only originally read 6 months ago, but mostly forgot. You leave it for an hour, come back, and can barely remember what you’d previously read and have to go back to reread the previous chapters.

Or you might want to look up the pathetic amount of interest you were paid from your small savings account for the previous tax year as you need that info to add into your tax return. And you just sit at your computer, staring blankly, trying to remember what steps you need to take to find out this information.


This is why I always have a sketchbook in my car 😂

This is a 4 panel comic

bad leftist takes, rant 

There's still this troubling attitude on the left that it's valid to criticise people on the right for arbitrary qualities that have nothing to do with their actual beliefs because we have to 'attack on all fronts' or whatever. But that's like...such bs if you feel the need to do that in a way that's going to hurt marginalised people. Making fun of a bad person's appearance, style, social skills, education, etc. is only leaving the door open for racism, sexism, queerphobia, ableism, classism, fatphobia, religious intolerance, and all the other forms of bigotry you're supposed to be fighting. If you don't care about the fallout of your meaningless snarky comments, that means your leftism is all about self-aggrandisation instead of helping people uplift each other out of oppression. Which kinda makes it shit. You can't 'attack on all fronts', you gotta put in the worthwhile effort to be a decent person.

Oh hi!

I wrote a dark but sweet fantasy novel of libraries and necromancy.

It would be amazing if you shared this post around.

📚 💀 🖤

Buy links and sample chapters:

brighton UK, social justice organisation question 

Anyone with experience with ?

I would take the good, the bad, the heard of, the I know a person that heard a thing, etc.

@GwenfarsGarden I mean...

the cat, most likely:

Attention human flying tube controller person! the secondary flux capacitor relays in the aft compartment have fused, I strongly urge you to make an emergency landing posthaste!


Attention human fly... oh ffs do I *have* to do everything myself?! :blob_disapproval:

And yet another cat with no fucks to give...

'Angry' Cat Attacks Pilot, Forcing Plane to Make Emergency Landing

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@GwenfarsGarden My former father-in-law once had a cat who, by his account, would get into his van with him every morning, sit on the dashboard on the way to a job, poke around a building site all day, then hop back in the van for the ride home.

This however, is hard core. I say that if it's what your cat wants to do, why not have them microchipped with an Oyster Card RFID, and let them go where their spirit moves them?

Another cat with no fucks to give..

London Euston cat-astrophe averted for train-surfing puss

It took 2.5 hours to get the cat off the train :angery:

So is alright. I mean, it has nothing to do with the original series, other than having Wallander in the title of the show. Most of the actors are British from what I can tell, apart from Wallander himself. And apparently it's filmed in Lithuania instead of Malmo. But ignoring all that, it's alright.

Why is it I can hate cops per se, but love detective stories? (rhetorical)

tech question; printers 

I am looking at getting a refurbished HP LaserJet printer off of Newegg. Same series as the ones I’m used to. Anyone done this? Is this a bad idea? New printer is out of the question. I hate that I need a printer, and tried to go without one, but I actually still need a printer for work.

🚨 Semi-urgent question regarding real project 🚨

You have co-developed an index of data on public projects that are aiming to make life-on-earth less bad. Your aim is to grow connections and networks to accelerate positive change ☮️

You want to give sympathetic projects and mappers access to the data; you want to restrict, as far as possible, commercial users profiting (e.g. targeted ads) without contributing 🕵️

What do you do? Explanations and boosts welcome! 👍

So, UK 2021 Census, for or against filling it in?

Personal opinion, but I rather read what type of slur was used instead of (letter)-slur. I think it is much clearer to understand problems that way, specially if someone doesn't know that language that well.

Example: I rather read "transphobic slur" than "T-slur".

If anyone is interested I finally found a L*sh Snow Fairy dupe! The scent 'Ice Pixie' from here:

It's a small business, the bath bombs are great (as are the other scents) and the packaging is environmentally friendly 💜

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