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Oh yeh, , I should have done that.

Am Gwenfar, addicted to and , but that's mainly over at my , , alt: @GwenfarsGarden.

This alt is kind of my general musings on any thing from , living with the and in general, issues. Love and adoring/worshiping cats. My cat is @FreyaKitteh. I'm also really keen on pre-1660 British , particularly social history. Currently been learning more about Anglo-Saxon England. My degree was gender in Early Modern England.

My politics are etc. Still have masses to learn, particularly with unlearning , , etc. Very much a work in progress.

Boringly white cishet. She/They pronouns. !

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health, cognitive dysfunction/brain fog 

You know when you walk into a room and suddenly stop, as you’ve forgotten what you went into the room for? It’s pretty frustrating, right?

Now imagine that happens to you at least 30 times on a daily basis. 40 times, 50 times, etc, not just when you walk into a room, but for every tiny detail of daily life. This is the best analogy I can find to try and describe what cognitive dysfunction is like for someone with a chronic illness like . Trying to think is like swimming through treacle and then forgetting what you were swimming for.

I mean, it’s more complicated than that. You might be in the middle of re-reading a novel, that you only originally read 6 months ago, but mostly forgot. You leave it for an hour, come back, and can barely remember what you’d previously read and have to go back to reread the previous chapters.

Or you might want to look up the pathetic amount of interest you were paid from your small savings account for the previous tax year as you need that info to add into your tax return. And you just sit at your computer, staring blankly, trying to remember what steps you need to take to find out this information.


poll for Black people, boost ++ 

Poll meant at Black fedi users (newcomers and elders).

Would you be interested in joining a Black-only Masto instance* where older Fedi users could volunteer to give ✌🏾 trainings✌🏾 about online antiblack behavior, how to detect avoid/defend from them, sharing experiences + more general admin/moderation advice for people who would like to run Black/Indigenous instances?

*The instance would be completely defederated from the whole Fediverse, at least for the first weeks/months of its existence.

Good Morning
If you use #FediBlock & want to help support the Afro-Indigenous femme that started it you can either donate to my liberapay, or sign up to my DIY content subscription service, all links on my profile. Don't erase me from my work.

@gingerrroot helped worked to get that tag off the ground, help her out too.

Stop erasing femmes from their community efforts on here, esp the ones of color who have been here for yrs at this point.

Mutual aid request, trans woman in financial trouble, please boost 

Hey, there’s this woman I follow on Twitter who lost her job because of covid and her state decided that she shouldn’t have had unemployment benefits and asks for her to repay all of it, which she can’t really do. Please help her if you can:

New oldest known painting dropped, its from 45,000 years ago and it’s a cute lil piggie

What is your favorite blog post that advocates for fediverse use that i could send to a normie?

Something that covers what the fedi is, why its better than centralized, and why they should use it.

(Boosts welcone)

@pfx I love how often Welsh appears to be a language invented by cats

people shit on australians for being upside down and stuff but the northern welsh word for "now" is literally just the south walian version backwards

nawr vs rŵan

USPol, Inaugeration Day, firearms 

roughly 72 hours out from the exchange of power between the Trump and Biden administrations.

lots of people are reporting their cities and towns are sold out of ammunition. ammo has been in short supply since Feb or March 2020 due to Pandemic Panic but a sharp uptick around the time of the insurrection was also noted. even in this very safe, blue part of texas we are sold out of ammo.

please, please, if you can help it at all please get your groceries now, or tomorrow, and be ready to bunker down if you live in a big city. don't use delivery apps on the 20th if you can help it, as doing so puts drivers in danger.

if 2020 has taught us anything, its that there's no limit to the cruelties that can be brought down on us. now is not the time to be saying "that cant happen here".

I love it when I see people using the Plant Mage emojis!

:plantmage1: :plantmage2: :plantmage3: :plantmage4: :plantmage5: :plantmage6:

Since I'm moving, I think it's time for a new .
I'm a student in my 20s, finishing up a BA in medieval studies. Still trying to find a name and gender, but I'm some variety of and I'm also ( )

Things I'm interested in: and I forget the rest, because my memory is bad.

can anyone point me in the direction of black asl teachers/tutors?

normalize changing your own name

abuse meta 

I struggled for a long time to call my experiences emotional abuse. there's a very specific narrative that's pushed about who abusers are and what abuse looks like. but, especially as a child, anything your loved ones do or say that makes you question your inherent worth and lovability is harmful.

no I don't mean accidents or mistakes that make you feel shame for messing up. that happens, doesn't mean the other person was trying to shame you. I do mean intentional comments, attitudes, and actions that make you feel rejected, unseen, excluded, bad, unworthy, etc.

not being seen and accepted for the entirety of your true self by those responsible for your care is awful. a social creature with an extended juvenile period feeling that their support network is unreliable or dependent on denying their true self is terrifying.

my parents didn't have to spell out that if I acted a certain way I'd be kicked out - I saw it in their queerphobic beliefs and in how other kids in my community were treated. the threat was present even if unspoken.

medical discrimination, anti-Blackness 


My friend Frankie has been experiencing concerning medical issues, primarily with their breathing. They went to a doctor and were told nothing was wrong, despite chest pain, shortness of breath, and hyperventilation.

Their venmo has been temporarily suspended in the middle of all this.

Being turned away at a doctor is just another day as a Black trans person. They’re requesting funds so they can buy food.


instance block recommendation

- instance "implemented to help preserve freedom of speech in the United States of America" :freezePeach:

- admin is called MakeAmericaFreeAgain

- admin boosts advocacy for racial segregation

- replyguy popped at me unsolicited to defend the white supremacist uprising in the U.S.


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