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Oh yeh, , I should have done that.

Am Gwenfar, addicted to and , but that's mainly over at my , , alt: @GwenfarsGarden.

This alt is kind of my general musings on any thing from , living with the and in general, issues. Love and adoring/worshiping cats. My cat is @FreyaKitteh. I'm also really keen on pre-1660 British , particularly social history. Currently been learning more about Anglo-Saxon England. My degree was gender in Early Modern England.

My politics are etc. Still have masses to learn, particularly with unlearning , , etc. Very much a work in progress.

Boringly white cishet. She/They pronouns. !

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health, cognitive dysfunction/brain fog 

You know when you walk into a room and suddenly stop, as you’ve forgotten what you went into the room for? It’s pretty frustrating, right?

Now imagine that happens to you at least 30 times on a daily basis. 40 times, 50 times, etc, not just when you walk into a room, but for every tiny detail of daily life. This is the best analogy I can find to try and describe what cognitive dysfunction is like for someone with a chronic illness like . Trying to think is like swimming through treacle and then forgetting what you were swimming for.

I mean, it’s more complicated than that. You might be in the middle of re-reading a novel, that you only originally read 6 months ago, but mostly forgot. You leave it for an hour, come back, and can barely remember what you’d previously read and have to go back to reread the previous chapters.

Or you might want to look up the pathetic amount of interest you were paid from your small savings account for the previous tax year as you need that info to add into your tax return. And you just sit at your computer, staring blankly, trying to remember what steps you need to take to find out this information.


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Just setting things up. This is probably going to be my general musings and politics alt. Probably.

Also known as: @GwenfarsGarden, my gardening, food & cooking alt.

@FrazzledBrynn Honestly, yeah. And it's not just physical disabilities, either. Public spaces where people are packed together aren't friendly to autistic people like us either. Too many people being loud.

But that requires a cultural change to fix, which can't happen just by investing money. Until people realize that quieting down applies to more than just crying babies, autistic people will continue to be pushed out of public spaces, including public transport.

@GwenfarsGarden @FrazzledBrynn I’m so tired of seeing people making pronouncements about disabled people and transport without considering the vast range of disabilities that exist and accommodations that are necessary, or even asking disabled people what they need

grouchy take, sorry :P 

"I've seen disabled people use the bus"
No, you've seen disabled people who have enough ability to use a bus, use a bus.

Obviously, public transport needs a massive overhaul and way more accessibility, and there needs to be so much more public transport. But just doing away with cars altogether isn't it and takes away the freedom of disabled people. 3/3

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Busses routinely never stop to pick up ppl up if they're seen to be in a wheelchair, they literally just drive past the bus stop. Ramps up to trains or busses are often missing. If you're immune compromised, getting stuffed onto a bus isn't exactly great either. Also, what if someone just wants to go to the countryside or whatever and the only way in is via personal transport? Bus stops are often miles away from your intended destination. 2/?

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Bare in mind this is a UK perspective. I've a lot to say over the idea going around that disabled people can do away with personal cars. First of, yes modified cars are expensive, but there's also ways to acquire via gov schemes like The Motability Scheme. Doubtless things like that will always need more access cos the govs shit. Secondly, public transport in the UK is notoriously awful at being accessible, with trains denying boarding, to platforms only being accessible via stairs. 1/?

Cambridge University Press is releasing a number of books open access on Protests, Policing and Race until 12 July

Springer Nature has released these publications related to structural racism and police violence as open access

I wish that abuse was taught in schools. how to recognise it, how to deal with it, what it does to people long term. and I don't mean that shit we got in PSCHE here, where it was a lesson here and there nobody paid attention to or cared about once when we were like 11. I mean hammer that shit home, spend years going over it, let people reflect on their experiences with it, have speakers of different ypes of abuse come and talk about their lived experiences. actually TEACH

Optical Illusions 

This image does not really bulge outwards, and those lines are all perfectly straight

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party for socialism and liberation's Milwaukee branch put together a seriously solid black power reading list!

It is both intellectually arid and morally empty to focus on individual freedoms while ignoring power dynamics and communal norms.

re: The Intellectual Property debate 

Maybe I dont understand anarchy or socialism enough.

But unless you can come to me with the right kind of payoff that keeps me fed, housed, able to afford visa/lawyers, etc etc

Then sorry. My ideas are mine. My work is my own.

Seeing ppl do a great value version of what I sweated over is not impressive to me.

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i want to destroy every single company working on self driving cars and use their resources to make better public transport

How did my university not leap at the chance to call their "Heathy Fall Task Force on Mask Usage" the Mask Force?

That 20000 year cycle, by the way, happens because Earth's axial tilt isn't constant. It actually wobbles back and forth. The technical term for this is precession. If you've ever played with a spinning top, you've probably seen this effect happen.

Being a little bigger than a spinning top, this happens more slowly with Earth. As it does, it alters Earth's seasonal variations, gradually causing a change in the Sahara's climate.

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The name of the Sahara comes from an Arabic phrase, aṣ-ṣaḥrāʼ al-kubrá (الصحراء الكبرى‎) meaning "The Greatest Desert". But it was not always a desert.

The climate of North Africa has a slowly varying cycle, and every 20000 years, the Sahara goes from hot desert to wet grassland and back.

5 or 6 millennia ago, the Sahara was green and full of lakes.


May I present the rare blue carpenter bumblebee (xylocopa caerulea)

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