untitled goose game is just life in Britain

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terribad anti-nationalist meme 

who made this and why is it in my meme folder

"history is written by the victors" 

Also, the whole "history is written by the victors" meme emerged from literal neo-Confederate lost cause mythology. You should think twice before repeating that shite

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History isnae written by the victors, it's written by the people that write shite down

still think Fitzcarraldo was better than King of Comedy but eh, I can take that

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ok, is redeeming itself this time round

also is it just me or has there been a dramatic rise in conspiratorial thinking on all sides of the political spectrum recently?

it seems no matter where you stand, people will have their own set of wild conspiracy theories

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Anyone know of any resources for combatting conspiratorial thinking?

Most things I've seen say something vague like "maintain an open society" or "promote analytical thinking" without suggesting anything concrete.

war meta 

war is not a spectator sport you fucking piece of shit heartless bastard, it is hell

it is hell for pretty much everyone involved, which you fucking aren't

shut the fuck up

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war meta 

whatever hot take you might have, shut the fuck up, your glib opinions don't fucking matter when people are afraid for their lives

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war meta 

If there is a conflict on the other side of the world, that doesn't directly affect you but is catastrophic for the lives of countless people, consider shutting the fuck up

"are you a fish or are you a thief?" - real line from the new star war trailer

spoilers for history 

that guy in that historical show you're watching dies

Blob Blobubist Blobibloblob 

Blob blobby blob blobby Blobtown — blob blobby blob blobubism. Blob blob blobby blob blob Blobtown blob blobbied blobby blob blobbly blobbery blob blobbyblob blob blobby: Blobe blob Blar, Blobbery blob Blobot, Blobsh Blobicals blob Blobman blobbies.

Blob blob blob blobby blob blobboblobblob blob blob blob blob blobbied blob blobubistblob blob blob's blobbingblobs blob blobber? Blob blob blob blobboblobblob blob blob blob blobbed blob blob blobbing bobblob blob blobubism, blobbost blob blob blobbed blobboblobblob blobbies, blob blob blob blobn't blob's blobberblobry blobberblobries?

Blob blobs blobby blob blob blob:

I. Blobubism blob blobblobby blobblobidge blob blob Blobblobian bloblobs blob blob blobsblob blob blobby.

II. Blob's blob blob blob time blobubistblobs blob bloberby, blob blob blob blob blob blob blob, blobby blob blobs, blob blobs, blob blobberies, blob blob blob blobbery blob blob blob Blobber blob Blobubism blob blob blobbyblobbo blob blob blobby blobblob.

Blob blob blob, blobubistblobs blob blobbious blobberblobberies blob blobblobed blob Blobblob blob blobbed blob blobbying Blobibloblob, blob blob bloblished blob blob Bloblish, Blobch, Blobman, Blobian, Blobsh blob Blobish blobages.

blobly blob blobby blob, blob blob blob, blobby blobby blob.

Blob? Blobby blob! Blobby blobby blob blob blobby blob, blob blob, blobbly blobby blob.

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