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Want a cool ink sketch?
🔲 Check my profile box for open commissions
🔲 Donate to a POC and/or LGBTQIA+ person in financial duress
🔲 DM me who you donated to/a link to their funding page (so that I can boost their page) and a request for a drawing (Examples below). No porn.
🔲 You'll get an inked drawing according to your request. If you'd like the original, just pay shipping.

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If I offend or upset you, I am completely open to criticism. I really appreciate interacting with you all, and if I screw up, you don't owe me anything, but I would be grateful for the opportunity to learn. I am well aware that I do insensitive or just bad things at times. I am human, but being flawed doesn't make my behavior ok. I promise that I will listen carefully, not get defensive, and do work.

I don't even recall what I posted publicly for thirstaid 1.0, but if you want the 11 pics I took pre-HRT (I was damn cute, I stg, bonus points for them all being on a boat), show me your support of a POC, and I'll DM them your way.

Writing Research - Non-Satellite Long-Range Communications, boosts welcome 

I'm down a research hole and was wondering if there are any communications enthusiasts (I'm supposing mostly in the department of radio comms) that I could bounce some questions off of/might be able to point me in the direction of a good primer on the topic. I'm looking more specifically for information on the reliability, range, and capacity of a hypothetical future communications network on an Earth with a weakened/erratic magnetic field and an atmosphere cluttered with space debris.

twitch PSA - IP Grabber bots 

Apparently clicking on a profile on twitch can snag your IP via extension and it's possible that folks running hate raids are

Them grabbing your IP shouldn't be an issue in general, but honestly I don't want to end up finding out that the folks who think targeted bigotry is a good time have found something shitty to do with that info.

twitch, bigotry, harrassment 

so, apparently "hate raids" are the cool new face of bigotry on twitch and the 3.5k bots that auto-followed me (and were quite rude in chat) on Monday are a form of targeted harassment toward minority and women streamers with small channels. May be a good time to check in with any minority/women streamers you follow and show them some love and support.

My friend Bubbly made a game about job hunting for the low-effort game jam that just wrapped up, feel free to check it out on her

gigabit router/modem rec? 

Anyone have a good, user friendly gigabit modem/router to recommend that's compatible with Wave's gigabit internet service? Just realized I'm on the hook to figure that out. Something non-networking expert-friendly that doesn't have a weird proprietary ecosystem you're buying into would be nice.

If y'all get going again and raise $10k I will hula hoop naked for an hour and stream it if you help me figure out how to stream it in a way that won't get me in trouble, just throwin' that out there.

non-binary HRT, looking for resources, boosts welcome 

Does anyone have good resources for folks who are interested in HRT but seeking a middle ground rather than a full transition to being perceived as the opposite binary gender? Located in Washington state if you have anything regionally specific.

free second-hand femme clothes 

Boosting this thread one more time. Everything that's still up (except the tights) is still available. The rest have gotten homes, which is awesome! Whatever I still have toward the end of August will get donated before I move.

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Long-Post, Seeking Housing Arrangement 

Heyyyy... Planning ahead - I'm looking for a place to stay come August or later because the person I'm staying with is selling their house. Exploring my options at this point.

WA state would be ideal for now because I am on state medicaid and I don't want to start the process over and try to find a new provider. But if that doesn't work out, I am open to going anywhere I can go on a US passport that has decent internet and some creature comforts.

I have references and savings in the bank but little to no income.

Small spaces are ok, but if at all possible, I'm trying to find an arrangement where I have privacy and feel like I can go about my routine without disturbing others. A space with a separate entrance and bathroom would be amazing. I've been living in a 200 sqft unit with a mini-fridge and instant pot for a kitchen and that's been fine. Easy heating is a must; I don't always have the energy to start a wood stove and I need a warm space. I love animals.

I do not have a car but I do have a license and don't mind walking a mile or two for groceries or taking public transportation.

Side note - if anyone has the know how of how to run a business/source things and wants to co-op to make pride plaid flannels/underwear an actual thing instead of my half-assed side project, let me know. My goal with the project is just to have pride-themed plaids available on all sorts of household stuff because I'm sure that having those patterns as a casual option would bring me and lots of other people joy. I'm a person who has avoided keeping inventory because I don't know how to do taxes for that. :blobcatgoogly:

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The sample mask I ordered should be here some time this week, if shipping estimates can be trusted. Will share pics once it rolls in.

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Alright, got the white variant together, also everything is on sale (threadless controls that, not me) and FREESHIP521 will give free shipping on $45 US / $80 International orders until 5/23/21 9:00 p.m. CDT.

Maybe I'll try and do socks next. Yes this is rainbow capitalism, yes this is also having fun patterns on functional shit. Except buttons. Buttons are just fun.

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Red Thread Games (Dreamfall Chapters/Draugen) is looking for a writer and "Because of the game’s setting and themes, we are primarily looking for candidates based in the United States, preferably candidates who reflect the diversity of our cast. We strongly encourage women of colour to apply for this position. This is a remote position."

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