“Male infants walk earlier, but do so after greater motor encouragement; female infants talk earlier, but are usually spoken to more. Men tend to outperform women on ‘mental rotation’ tasks, that is, when visualising the way an object would appear from a different vantage point. But the difference isn’t observed in young children and is more reliably correlated with time spent playing computer games: it’s less a question of neuroanatomy than of who has a Nintendo”

@ghost_bird we've encouraged our daughter to talk and climb, a lot…

and… now… she never stops…

@Byte @ghost_bird when i discovered my inner voice, i basically stopped talking out loud around my parents

i don't think my daughter is in any danger of that happening to her.


@meena @ghost_bird no, I’m just worried she’ll climb something and fall lol

@Byte @ghost_bird she needs to learn her limits, and get better

there's no other way to do that

@meena I had to coax one of mine down from the top of a climbing frame designed for 8-year-olds, at 2.

@irina i was trying to encourage mine to climb one of those… 🙈

took her almost a year until she was actually capable of climbing it

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